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So you’ve eaten at the hippest hotel restaurants, hung out at the best hotel bars, taken in the finest of hotel views, gorged on the most extravagant hotel afternoon teas, sunken into the deepest of hotel baths and partied at the prettiest of hotel pools….but you’d hate to brag. We just made showing off a whole load easier…coz its not showing off when you’re just helping other people find these awesome places.

Want to tell the world where you’ve been? Add #Hotelinsta to your photos and we’ll be sure to repost our favourites.

Want to tell the world what a great time you’ve had? Leave an Emoji Review in the comments of our photos.

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You’ve cracked depth of field, mastered the rule of thirds and can see a vanishing point a mile off…you take a pretty decent snap and by heck the world better know about it! Here at Hotelinsta we’re pretty image obsessed ourselves and so it gives us great joy to share your talent. Every Friday, we post a city snap on each of our accounts and credit it back to the photographer.

Want to get your pic featured? Simply loop in the relevant city account (e.g. @HotelinstaLDN) and if our eyes are suitably impressed, our followers eyes will be too.


So after all the meetings, conferences, training sessions and seminars, you totally “get” social media. Well ok, perhaps not totally. But you DO get that it is changing the face of the industry in a way that hasn’t been seen since the internet came along. And you DO get that it is one of the best, easiest, cheapest, most authentic ways to promote your property. And you DO get that Instagram is one of the fastest growing channels and you need to be “all over it”. You just DON’T get how.

Well let us help you. Working with Hotelinsta is a great addition to your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

By featuring in our Hotelinsta galleries, we can get you more Instagram followers…and more engaged ones at that…so you can show the world what makes you so special. We can also help drive traffic to your website (and if you’ve done a good job there, potentially secure you a fair few direct bookings and increase your revenue too). Overall, we can help get your pretty little face out there. We can put you in front of an audience of Gen X and Gen Y travellers (you know that super techy, hyper discerning, image obsessed, ‘always on’ crowd) so you can dazzle them with your photogenic selves.

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