Showcasing Insta-worthy hotels around the world

Here at Hotelinsta, we know image is everything.

We’re visually obsessed and love to communicate in pictures. We also love hotels. We totally geek out on hotels. But whether we’re visiting them for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, drinks, meetings, events, sleepovers or spa treatments, we want to make sure they look great on our social channels.

So we get ourselves in a right old #firstworldproblems meltdown when choosing a hot spot to hang out at. The pressure is on to sort the perfect place. Online research results in information overload. Travel review sites are a no go since we can’t be bothered to wade through the long write ups. And we don’t really trust the staged photography sitting on hotel websites. How can we possibly choose a picture perfect location without getting a full visual overview first?

Feel the same? Then join the Hotelinsta community! Check out our Instagram galleries which showcase and review hotels in cities around the world using imagery alone.

1) click on a photo that pleases your peepers
2) explore the chosen hotel further using the geolocation, hashtag or hotel Instagram handle.
3) check out what we think are the hotel’s best features with our Emoji Overview
4) learn about other guest experiences with their Emoji Reviews
5) click the link in each profile to be taken directly to the hotel website to book (This feature is currently only available on HotelinstaLDN).

We’re currently showcasing Insta-worthy hotels in London (HotelinstaLDN) New York (HotelinstaNYC) Paris (HotelinstaCDG) Barcelona (HotelinstaBCN) and Miami (HotelinstaMIA).

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